A.R.D. Prasad

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General Information
  Name: Areti Ramachandra Durga Prasad
Address: Dr. A.R.D. Prasad
Professor and Head
Documentation Research & Training Centre
Indian Statistical Institute
8th Mile, Mysore Road
Bangalore 560 059

Areas of Specialization:
Artificial Intelligence Applications in LIS
Natural Language Processing
Digital Libraries
Hypertext and Multimedia applications

Academic Qualifications  
Ph.D.: Application of Natural Language Processing Tools and Techniques in Developing Subject Indexing Languages, Karnatak University, Dharwad


    Visited Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Iowa, Ames and Department of Library and Information Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, USA on Fulbright Professional Fellowship in Library and Information Science 1999 - 2000.
External Projects Undertaken
Software for Retrospective conversion of bibliographic data for LC, OCLC, BNB and Bookfind CD-ROM databases to ISO 2709. Project funded by National Information System for Science & Technology (NISSAT), Govt. Of India.
Application of Optical Character Recognition Technology in Building Bibliographic Databases. On going project funded by NISSAT.
Design of Multimedia Teaching Modules in Statistical Quality Control. On going. Funded by ISI.  
Teaching Experience  

Information Systems and Programmes
Information Technology
Digital Libraries

Research Guidance
Design and Development of a Knowledge Representation Model for Analytico Synthetic Classification - Pijushkanti Panigrahi, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, 1996.
A Knowledge Representation Model for Management for Analytico-Synthetic Scheme: A Case Study of Colon Classification - Devika P. Madalli, University of Mysore, 2000.
Design of a Heuristic Based Expert System for Automatic Identification of Bibliographic Data from the Title page of the Document - Durga Shankar Rath, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, 2001.  
Ongoing Research  
Design and Development of Multilingual Information Retrieval System with Numeric MARC - Aditya Tripathi, Pune University.
A Study of Compatibility of AACR2, MARC21 and CDS/ISIS - Nanaji Gopinath Shewale, Pune University.
Content Designator using eXtensible MarkUp Language for World Wide Web Documents: A Prototype - Prasenjit Kar, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore.
A Computational Model of Automatic Generation of Classauri - Madhuchanda Bhattacharya, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore.
Devika P. Madalli and A.R.D. Prasad: Vyasa: a knowledge representation system for automatic management of analytico-synthetic system. accepted for the 7th International Conference of Society for Knowledge Organisation. 10-13th July Granada, Spain.
Pijush Kanti Panigrahi and A.R.D. Prasad : An Inference Engine for Time Isolates of Colon Classification Schedule. 6th International Study Conference on Classification Research organized by FID/CR and University College London. June 16?18, 1997.London.
Devika V. Aptagiri, Gopinath M.A. and A.R.D.Prasad. A knowledge Representation Paradigm for Automating POPSI. Knowledge Organization. V 22(3/4). 1995. pp.162-167.
A.R.D. Prasad. Prometheus: An Automatic Indexing System. 4th International Conference of the ISKO. July 15th-18th, 1996. Washington,DC.
M.A.Gopinath and A.R.D.Prasad. A Knowledge Representation Model for Analytico-Synthetic Classification. In: Knowledge Organization and Quality Management, Edited by Hanne Albrechtsen and Susanne Oernager. Indeks Verlag, Frankfurt. 1994. 
Durga Shankar Rath and ARD Prasad. Heuristics for identification of Bibliographic Elements from Title Pages. Approved for publication in International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control. To be published in December 2003.
ARD Prasad and Durga Shankar Rath. Heuristics for identification of Bibliographic Elements from Verso of Title Pages. Sent for publication in Library Hitech.
A.R.D. Prasad. Z39.50 for Retrieving MARC21 Records in Batch mode. In Workshop on Information Resource Management, Documentation Research & Training Centre, ISI, Bangalore, 13th-15th March, 2002.
A. R. D. Prasad. Metadata:Cataloguing of Web Resources Using Dublin Core and Marc21. In Digital Libraries:Content Creation, Access and Management. USEFI-IIT Delhi workshop. IIT, New Delhi. 18th -22nd December, 2001.
A. R. D. Prasad. A Brief Introduction of Z39.50. NACLIN- 2001. University of Hyderabad. 6th - 9th November 2001.
A R D Prasad. Creation of Digital Libraries in Indian Languages Using Unicode. Paper presented at the Joint Workshop on Digital Libraries. USEFI, DRTC, and University of Mysore. Mysore. March 12 - 16, 2001.
A.R.D. Prasad. Working with Digital Information using WWWISIS on Linux. In. CALIBER 2001. INFLIBNET and University of Pune, Pune, March 15 - 16th 2001. pp. 32-45.
A R D Prasad. Using Multimedia Database with WWWISIS on Win9x/NT. Paper presented at the Workshop on Multimedia and Internet Technologies. Documentation Research Training Centre. Bangalore. February 26 - 28, 2001.
A R D Prasad : Chaos! Thy Name is Internet. In: DRTC Workshop on Information Mangement including ISO 9000 QMS. DRTC, ISI Bangalore. 6th-8th January 1999.
A R D Prasad and Smitha Srishaila. File formats for Multimedia. Article published in the book Multimedia: its applications in Library and Information Science. T.R. Publications, Madras. 1998.
Unit writer for the Postgraduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking, Distance Education Programme. Editor. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. 1998.
A R D Prasad and A Aruna. A Prototype LAN Model for Indian Universities. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Information Technology Applications in Libraries and Information Centers. Vidyasagar University. Medinipur. March 24-25, 1998
A R D Prasad and A Aruna. Penelope’s Web: New challenges to Librarians. 17th Annual Convention and Conference of the SIS on Virtual Libraries: Internet based Library and Information Services. University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. March 12-14, 1998.
A R D Prasad: Internet: Connectivity Issues. Paper presented in the DRTC Workshop on Practical Orientation to Internet. DRTC, Bangalore. Jan 28-30, 1998.
A.R.D Prasad: Browsers: Interface to the Web. Paper presented in the DRTC Workshop on Practical Orientation to Internet.DRTC, Bangalore Jan 28-30, 1998.
A.R.D Prasad: Customising Web browsing through Internet Channels. Paper presented in the DRTC Workshop on Practical Orientation to Internet. DRTC, Bangalore Jan 28-30, 1998.
A.R.D Prasad: Interfacing the Web: An overview of alternatives. Paper presented in the DRTC Workshop on Practical Orientation to Internet. DRTC, Bangalore. Jan 28-30, 1998.
Madhuchanda Bhattacharyya and A R D Prasad. Internet Webcasters. Paper presented in the 21st All India IASLIC Conference on Information Superhighway: its impact on Library and Information Services in India, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, 26th - 29th December, 1997.
A.R.D Prasad, Smitha Srishaila and P.H.Akkamahadevi: Natural Language Interface to Databases. Paper Accepted for the 16th Annual Convention and Conference of the Society for Information Science. January 29-31, 1997.Bhuvaneshwar.
A.R.D Prasad and Prasenjit Kar: Self Sufficiency versus Resource Sharing: Implications in Library networks. Paper presented in the XVII National Seminar of IASLIC. Dec 10-13, 1996.Calcutta.
A.R.D Prasad: Some reflections on the Impact of Information Technology on Library Science Profession. Paper presented in the DRTC workshop on Advances in Information Technology. Oct 28-30,1996. Bangalore.
A.R.D Prasad and Devika V Aptagiri: Multimedia Technology: An overview of hardware aspects. Paper presented in the DRTC workshop on Advances in Information Technology. Oct 28-30,1996. Bangalore.
Smitha Srishaila and A.R.D Prasad: An Overview of Multimedia File Formats. Paper presented in the DRTC workshop on Advances in Information Technology. Oct 28-30,1996. Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad. IDA: A retrospective conversion software for OCLC, LC, BNB and Bookfind CD-ROM Databases. DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology, V 15(3). May 1995. Pp 13-17.
Devika V. Aptagiri, Sudhanshu Bala Satapathy and A.R.D. Prasad. Optical Character Recognition ib building bibliographic databases. In. XX IASLIC Conference. 26th-29th Dec 1995. Lucknow.
Devika V.Aptagiri and A.R.D.Prasad. Computer Assisted Thesaurus Construction. In: Research and Teaching in Classification and Indexing, Edited by M.A.Gopinath. DRTC Annual Seminar, 9th-11th August, 94. Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad and Ranjan Sinha Takur. Automatic Identification of Key Terms from Book Titles In: Research and Teaching in Classification.
A.R.D. Prasad and C.R. Karisiddappa. Declarative programming and Thesaurus Construction. In: Database Production and Distribution, Edited by N.Seshagiri, I.K. Ravichandra Rao and N.V.Satyanarayana. Tata Mc Graw-Hill, New Delhi. 1993.
A.R.D. Prasad and Bidyut Baran Kar. Parsing Boolean Expressions Using Definite Clause Grammar. Library Science with a slant to Documentation, v.31 (1), March, 94. pp.24-26.'
A.R.D. Prasad. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence In: Artificial Intelligence and its Applications to Library and Information Work, Edited by A.R.D. Prasad. DRTC Refresher Seminar, 26th-28th May, 93. Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad. Logic and Logic Programming In: Artificial Intelligence and its Applications to Library and Information Work, Edited by A.R.D. Prasad, Drtc Refresher Seminar, 26th-28th May 93, Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad. Natural Language Processing In: Artificial Intelligence and its Applications to Library and Information Work, Edited by A.R.D. Prasad, DRTC Refresher Seminar, 26th-28th May 93, Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad. Towards a Common command Language. In: Energizing Library and Information Services, Edited by M.A. Gopinath. DRTC Refresher Seminar, 20th--22nd May, 1992. Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad. Natural Language Processing Techniques in Information retrieval: An Overview. In: Information Retrieval, Edited by I.K.Ravichandra Rao. Annual Seminar, 5th-7th Feb, '92. Bangalore.
A.R.D. Prasad. Guidelines for design and development for Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Software. In: 9th IATLIS Conference held at Visakhapatnam, 9th-11th August, 1992.
A.R.D. Prasad. Optical Character Recognition. In: Current Research in Library and Information Science, Edited by S. Seetharama and C.R. Karisiddappa. RBSA Publishers, Jaipur, 1993.
A.R.D. Prasad. Database Management Systems. In: Dimensions of Library and Information Science. Edited by V. Venkatappaiah, Concept Publishers, 1990.
A.R.D. Prasad. A Case for Artificial Intelligence in Library and Information Science Curriculum. In: Specialization in Library and Information Science Education. 8th IATLIS Conference held at Bangalore, 17th--19th January, 1990.  
Experience in Computer Applications
More than twenty two years of experience on Mini computers on UNIX Operating System and IBM PC compatible Micro computers with MS-DOS, MS Windows and windows 95 Operating System.
Knowledge of Programming Languages: PERL, Java, COBOL, C, C++, PROLOG.
Database Management Systems: UNIFY, CDS/ISIS, MySQL, PostGreSQL. 
Software Developed  
Vishwamithra : An Expert System for classifying documents.
Vyasa : An Expert System for maintaining Colon Classification scheme.
Panizzi : Intellegent System for automatic identification of Bibliographic data elements for the title page of documents.
Prometheus : An Automatic Indexing system using POPSI
Ida : A Retrospective conversion package for LC, OCLC, BNB and Bookfind CD-ROM Databases (in C++)
Manu : Thesaurus Construction Program (in PROLOG)
Pygmalion : To convert downloaded data from Silver Platter and DIALOG CD-ROMs to ISO 2709 format (in C)
Socrates : A Computer Aided Instruction Shell (in C) 
Membership to Professional Bodies
Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC)
Indian Library Association (ILA)
Indian Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science (IATLIS)