NIMHANS Convention Centre
Nimhans Hospital Premises,Bangalore - 560 029, Karnataka
12° 56' 35.2104" N, 77° 35' 48.732" E

How To Reach

From Majestic Bus Terminus to NIMHANS Convention Centre

Take volvo buses (Bus No. V360B or V356C or V365P) from platform 1, and get down at NIMHANS Convention Centre Stop.
If the traffic is smooth it will take around 33 to 35 minutes from the majestic bus terminus to NIMHANS convention centre.
BMTC Bus Routes

From Bangalore International Airport to NIMHANS Convention Centre

From BMTC Bus Stand take buses BIAS9 or BIAS8A or any other bus going to Majestic.It will take around one hour from Airport to Majestic. Get down at Majestic and take bus from platform 1 to NIMHANS and follow the above directions.

City Cabs

Also you can take City Cab or Meru Cab from Airport to NIMHANS Convention Centre directly. For more information you can visit their websites.
1. Meru Cab:
2. City Taxi: