Selected Papers for ICTK2012
SL Title Author Details
Stream 1: Trends in Library Education and Research

1 Library and Information Research in India: A Critical Study Dr. B. Mini Devi
2 Performance Evaluation in Academic Libraries Dr.Mohammed Imtiaz Ahmed ,
3 LIS Education in the Universities of Assam : A Case Study Ms Pallavi Gogoi ; Deepsikha Gogoi Deepsikhagogoi@
4 Redesigning LIS Curricula for LIS Schools in emerging knowledge society era with special reference to Madhya Pradesh Dr. Jitendra Shrivastava
(Continuous and Comprehensive Professional Education & Training):
A multi-faceted medium for the survival and success of LIS Professionals
K.Ramasamy; P.Padma
6 Curriculum design for information management. Built-in cooperation with business community Dorte Madsen
7 iSchool at Universitas InCompletedsia: a convergence curriculum on teaching and learning Anon Mirmani; Dini Amalia
8 Continuous Professional Training for Empowerment of LIS professionals in India: A Paradigm Shift Dr Rajeev Vij; Sh Navin Kumar Sgmail.comoni inmaslibrary@
9 Trends in Library and Information Science education in North Bengal and Sikkim Rekhmani Sharma; Yangzee Sgmail.comherpa yangzee.sherpa355@
10 Continuous Education for LIS Professionals – It’s Prospective Role Meghna Dhar
11 OSS VLEs: A Comparative Study Rosy Jan
12 Use of Search Engines for Research by MLISc Students of TUCDLISc Rajendra Neupane
13 Utilization Of E-Books By The Library Science Students In Universites Of Kerala:A Survey ShainiGopinath A.;Mahjabeen Aydeed;Vahida Beegam
14 LIS Accreditation: A step ahead to excellence in LIS education Veerangana Singh Negi
15 Lis Education ; Retrospects And Prospects Dr.Mohammed Imtiaz Ahmed
16 Continuing Professional Development of academic Librarians in Kerala: A study Laila T Abraham; Sujatha R; Aparna P R
17 Library and Information Science education in Indian Universities: Issues and challenges Dr. Abdul Majid Baba
18 Research contributions of NDRI, Karnal: A scientometic study Dr. Sanjay Kumar Kaushik
19 Scientometric analysis of
Indian contribution to mathematical research
M.Kavitha; J Arumugam
20 Public Library act of Kerala : A critical analysis Ajeemsha .S
21 Quality Assurance and Best Practices in Library and Information Science
Education: Issues and Challenges
Pravakar Rath
Moorttimatee Samantaray
22 LIS Research in Maharashtra: A Case Study Shashank Sonwane; Sangharsh Gajbe,Pradnya Kivande
Stream 2: Trends in Public Library Services

1 Community Information Service 2.0: Application of Web 2.0
Tools in Designing Public Library based Integrated CIS.
Barnali Roy Choudhury
2 The importance of information access of cultural values to the principles of sustainable development in climate change Ike Iswary Lawanda Ir. Anon Mirmani
3 Digital solutions for the visually impaired users (case study of the
university of zimbabwe library)
Yeukai Chimuka
4 Strategies for Rejuvenating Public Library Services in West Bengal:
Issues, Concerns and New Directions
Ms. Sarama Das
5 Information Needs and Seeking Behaviour of Hearing
Impaired Students in NISH and the Need of LRC
Midhula Soman. V. S.; K G Sudhier kgsudhier@
6 Information Need Of The Rabha Community In Gosaihat Village Under 2 No. Jharaltagram Panchayat In The District Of Jalpaiguri, West Bengal Dr. BiplabChakrabarti;Hirak Ghosh; Deepa Roy; Shyam Prasad; Abhijit Chatterjee abhijitchat977@
7 Knowledge Networking Through Public Libraries in the Rural Development in Maharashtra Vinay P. Haware; Sharad T Avhad
8 Role of Public Libraries for Development of Scheduled Castes- A Study of SC Special Component Plan Libraries in A.P. Dr.G.Gangadharaiah; P.Keshalu; K Nalini
9 Community Information Services in Correctional homes(Jails) of West Bengal – Its need, Possibilities- A study Rahul Majumdar ; Biplab Chakrabarti
10 Application of Web2.0 in Public Libraries M. Natarajan
11 Changing Role of Public Libraries in Knowledge Society: a Case Study of T.S. Central State Library, Chandigarh Bhanu Partap; Praveen Khurana
Stream 3: Trends in Domain Specific Information Systems and Services

1 Model of Information technology literacy for farmers in InCompletedsia:
a partnership agricultural extension workers and agricultural librarians
Indira Irawati; Anon M
2 Information Dissemination Pattern And Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Kvk): A Study On Selected Kvks Of Assam Kakoli Gogoi; Dipjyoti Gogoi
3 Police intelligence, information behaviour and semantic representations among crime organizations in Brazil: monitoring, detection and systematization of information dynamics Maria Aparecida Moura, cidamoura@gmail.orm; Rodrigo Geseterigmail.coma rodrigo.gestira@
4 Prospect of Resource sharing among the Indian Judicial Libraries in the light of ICT: An Overview Rajiv Kalita.
5 IMPACT OF DIGITISATION IN AGRICULTURAL LIBRARIES, IISR - A CASE STUDY K. Jayarajan; C K Sushama Devi sushama@spi; Santhosh J Eapen; Shimna P K
6 A target classification architectural scheme for secure decision making in network centric environment with MPLS-VPN architecture Arundhati Bhattacharya ;S.karan; D.Dutta Majumder; C. Mazumdar;V.K. Saraswat
7 Heath Information Services in India Dr. Satyendra Kumar
8 Information Processing and Networking in Micro to Nanoscale Machines - A New Knowledge Management Paradigm Sankar Karan ;D dutta
Stream 4: Trends in Open Access to Information and Data

1 Knowledge Management and Open Access Publishing: A Case of Africa Priti Jain (Dr)
2 Federated Search Service for OAI-compliant Open-Access Repositories in India Francis Jayakanth ; Filbert Minj
3 Bridging Copyright to Open Access Madhuryamayadas
4 Creating Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans Granthaghar Portal using Open Source Content Management System Software Rajashree Gavali;; Sanjay Sawant
5 Contribution of India for Open Access Journal Literature:
A Profile Based on Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
G.Rathinasabapathy; L Rajendran; J Arumugam
6 Opening Access to content: India's Contribution to Open access Lakshmi Kantha Reddy J R; Radhika S
7 Open Access Journals Across Different Disciplines of Social Sciences: An analysis Somaira Nabi
Stream 5: Trends in ICT applications to Library and Information Science

1 Digital Library Framework for Heritage Preservation SM Shafi;SumeerGul;ShahkarTramboo; Humma
2 Digital Libraries as Educational Support: Prospect in Indian School and Undergraduate Education Swati Bhattacharyya
3 Towards Digital Library: a study with reference to Mahatma Gandhi University Library,
Sujatha R; Maghesh Rajan M; Aparna P R
4 Application of ict in commerce college libraries in pune city : a
Surekha R. Khare; Mrs. Urmila L. Jagtap,; Manojkumar Thakur
5 Use patterns of aerospace engineering discussion forums / newsgroups, blogs and wikis: a research survey of aerospace scientists and engineers of bangalore R Guruprasad; Khaiser Nikam; P Marimuthu marimuthu@
6 Institutional repository (ir) : an assessment of trends in india H C Nagarathna ; K S Chudamani
7 Rural and Urban Student attitude towards using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) - Arts and Science Colleges in Thoothukudi District (India) : Case Study S.Bala; P. Balasubramanian; s.Balachandarkavi@
8 Library meets What librarians can learn to build effective user interface Praveenkumar Vaidya vaidyapraveeandey; Shriram Pandey
9 Sharing What We Know – Striving to Create a Knowledge Sharing Culture.
An Empirical Study of the Knowledge Sharing Attributes Among Education City Libraries in Qatar.
S.C.Kumaresan; B.S. Swaroop Rani
10 ETD an effective research tool: university of agriculture sciences, dharwad (uasd) case study Dr. Maltesh Motebennur
11 Building Institutional Repositories in Science and Technology with Open Source Software: A Comparative Study Dr. K. P. Singh; Mrs. Bebi; Vanita Khanchandani vidushihoney@
12 Automation of Veda PathashaLa Library using A Community Information Service Project of
NMAM Institute Library, Nitte.
Dr. H Divakara Bhat; Venugopal; Akshaya Shet M akshayashet@
13 Digital Archival of Rattan Information K.F. George
14 Web-Based Library Classification Schemes: Current Trends Ms. Pranali B. Gedam; Ashwini ar ashwini_paradkar@
15 Towards an ontology-based central repository of traditional knowledge of Manipur with special reference to umanglai culture Th.Purnima Devi;; Singh Ruhichand Singh;
16 A Comparative Study on Performance of two Indian ETD repository using Apache JMeter F.R.Sumer frsumenagsing; P H
17 Best Practices in the Digitisation of Manuscripts:
A Case Study of Sri Venkateswara Oriental Research Institute (SVORI) Library, Tirupat
Dr. P. Balakrishna
18 Digital library of traditional foods of INDIA: tkdl mODEL Manilal P tkdlcftri@gmail. com; Vardaraj M
19 Knowledge Management in University Libraries in India: an overview Janardhan Reddy, K ; Sudarshan Rao
20 Health Care in the Information Age Mohan Raj Pradhan
21 Library Consortia with Reference to UGC- INFONET: special reference to North- Eastern University Libraries Nirmala Borah ,
22 DSpace Based Digital library Services: Impact on Information Flow and Documentation activities of ISRO Satellite Centre Adil Rasheed,R; adhika S sradhika@
23 Digitization as means of Digital Preservation for Securing the Future of Information: An Insight View of the Visva-Bharati Library Tapas Kumar Das
24 Digital Repository: Challenges and Opportunities in Public Health Knowledge Management in India Anil Kumar Mishra
25 Knowledge Management System in Libraryb and Information Centre : with special reference to Bose Institute Library Dr. Arun Kumar Chakraborthy; c_arunk@hotmail.comc@bic.boseinst.ernet.ic
26 Information Dynamics and knowledge management in science and technology Dr. C. Beena; Padmakumar.P.K ; Archana.S.N niharikamanakkil@
27 Personal Name Vocabularies as Linked Open Data: a Case Study M. Cristina Pattuelli
28 Metadata Management in Microsoft Sharepoint Platform
Navaneethan R.
29 Frequently used information sources: A critical study of Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan & University of Rajasthan, Jaipur SHESH MISHRA
30 Library Visit Pattern Of Faculty Members, Research Scholars And Post Graduate Students: A Critical Study Of Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan And University Of Rajasthan, Jaipur SHESH MISHRA
31 Impact and Use of Electronic Resources in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, India Dr. Baljinder Kaur,
32 Post Graduate Student’s Attitudes Towards Digital Resources & Services in Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati Vandana R. Khakre
33 Availability and Uses of E -Resources in Rural Area College Libraries: A case study of Thane District Vinay P. Haware,;Narayan D. Phad
34 Information Seeking behavior of the users at T.S Central state library, Chandigarh: A study Kiran Chopra; Bhanu P
35 Embedding microdata in library online services for better discovery of content Vinit Kumar
36 Next Generation Catalog with reference to VuFind Mohan Raj Pradhan mpradhan@healthnet.or.gnp
37 Digital Humanities for Development of Local History Repository: A proposal for Rural Libraries of West Bengal Moumita Ash and Pijushkanti Panigrahi
38 Developing a Neural Network Architecture based model for Selective Dissemination of Information Saumen Adhikari; Pijushkanti Panigrahi,
39 Knowledge Organization Systems and Management of Digital Data: An Overview . M .Shafi; Mohammad Haneef Bhat
40 Initiatives for Information Communication in Indian Languages Aditya Tripathi; Sneha Tripathi
41 Building Union Catalogues using Zebra and Pazpar2 Saiful Amin
42 Diversity in Metadata Schemes used by OAI-PMH Data Providers Sanjeev K Sunny
43 Digital Rights, Publishers’ Monopoly and Digital Content: Need for a Level Playing Field for Librarians AL Moorthy and Ankur Pant
44 Indian Digital Repositories: A State of the Art Report
45 Ontology and Rule based Semantic E-learning System Biswanath Dutta , Devika P. Madalli
46 Knowledge Organization Systems for Semantic Digital Libraries Preedip Balaji B, Amit Kumar Sarangi, Devika P. Madalli
47 Implementing Semantic Search in Library Web Portal N. Madurai Meenachi;M. Sai Baba
48 A system architecture for faceted querying Alessandro Agostini,Shahabuddin Muhammad, Devika P madalli
49 Library Automation in India : Current Status and Challenges Sunita Barwe; Nanaji Shewale;