The city of Bangalore experiences a very favorable weather throughout the year. The city is located in the Deccan plateau of southern peninsular India and is situated at a height of 949 meters above the sea level.
The warmest month in Bangalore is April and the coldest month is January. The climate in Bangalore is basically dry tropical savanna climate.

Around Bangalore

All the locations given below are within the close proximity of Mysore which is 150 km from Bangalore. A round trip will cover all these great places.


12th Century Kesava Temple of Hoyasala period (13th Century) with lathe cut columns and intricate sculptures. Somnathpur, a village on the banks of the Kaveri

Tippu's Summer Palace

Tippu Sultan, one of the great sons of India who fought against the British relentlessly. His summer wooden palace in Sri Rangapatnam hosts beautiful paintings. This moving painting depicts mortgaging his sons after he lost one of the battles against the British

Ranganna Tittu

A bird sanctuary 5 km away from Tippu's Summer palace, just behind Sri Rangapatnam Fort. The islets in the river Kaveri attract migratory birds from regions as far as Siberia.

Mysore Palace

The Wodeyar kings first built a wooden palace in the 14th century. The present palace was constructed during 1897 - 1912 and expanded in 1940. Mysore palace can claim to be one of the most famous tourist attractions second only to Taj Mahal.

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