Documentation Research and Training Centre

Dr. Devika P. Madalli is a Professor of the Documentation Research and Training Centre, Indian Statistical Institute, India and Adjunct faculty, DISI,University of Trento, Italy. Prof.Madalli is a founding member of and served as the co-chair of the Agriculture Data Interest Group [IGAD],Research Data Alliance [RDA][2013-2016]. Her interest lies in the area of Open Data Repositories and Data Management, Knowledge Organization and application of facetization in Information Systems, Information Infrastructures, Agrisemantics, Digital Libraries, Semantic Web technologies, Faceted Ontologies, Content Management System, multilingual information services and OERs[e-learning]. She served as a member of a high level evaluation committee of UNFAOs statistical database and information services, FAOSTAT. At present she is a member of a high level committee evaluating the implementation of CGIAR Open Access and Data Management policy including its 15 centres across the world. She is a member of the Karnataka Evaluation Authority. She contributed to UNESCO's Global Open Access Portal (GOAP). She is also the Chair of the OpenAccessIndia forum. She is on the advisory board of Universal Decimal Classification. She served as a member of the G8+06 Data infrastructures working group hosted by European Commission. She is the chair of OpenAccessIndia. Currently Dr.Madalli is a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) member of the Research Data Alliance.

Prof. Devika P. Madalli is a member and consultant to several international organizations and initiatives including UNFAO, UNESCO, OECD, Global Science Forum experts groups on International Coordination of Data infrastructures and GSF/CODATA experts committee on Business Models for Data Repositories. She served as a CO-PI and member of International research projects including EU FET Living Knowledge and EU Aginfra projects. She served on the advisory panel and scientific committees of several international conferences such as ICADL, MTSR, SCIDATACON LODLAM and ICSD. She serves as a member of editorial panels of prestigious journals such as Knowledge Organization (ISKO) and IFLA journal [issue on Research data]. Dr.Madalli is a member of the steering committee of open access journal in Agriculture and Allied sciences AgriXiv.