D. LIS Related Software


Recent Submissions

  • Prasad, ARD (2010-03-30)
    DSpace 1.5.2 has been modified to accommodate AGRISAP metadata schema. The major feature is that one can add language attribute to any of the fields as required QDC and AGRISAP
  • Prasad, ARD (2010-03-30)
    This livecd based on Ubuntu 9.10 has pre-configured Dspace 1.5.2, PKP harvester 2.3.0, Koha and dbwiz (a federated search engines of online journals and databases)
  • Prasad, ARD (2008-06-24)
    Pygmalion is useful if you wish to convert 1) some of the secondary journal databases like Silver Platter output to ISO-2709 format 2) It can also be used to retroconvert CCF to UNIMARC or any MARC to any other MARC.It was ...