agINFRA is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative project that will try to introduce the agricultural scientific communities into the vision of open and participatory data-intensive science. In particular, agINFRA aims to design and develop a scientific data infrastructure for agricultural sciences that will facilitate the development of policies and the deployment of services that will promote sharing of data among agricultural scientists and develop trust within and among their communities. agINFRA will try to remove existing obstacles concerning the open access to scientific information and data in agriculture, as well as improve the preparedness of agricultural scientific communities to face, manage and exploit the abundance of relevant data that is (or will be) available and can support agricultural research. Ultimately, agINFRA will demonstrate how a data infrastructure for agricultural scientific communities can be set up to facilitate data generation, provenance, quality assessment, certification, curation, annotation, navigation and management The Vision of the agINFRA is “To develop an infrastructure for scientific agricultural data and to improve service deployment for data by transferring scientific and technological results from the agricultural field into real outcomes. Moreover, agINFRA is proposing to create high interoperability between agricultural and other data resources”.