Colloquium 4


Documentation Research & Training Centre (DRTC)

Indian Statistical Institute
8th Mile, Mysore Road, RVCE Post
Bangalore, 560 059


Colloquium 4

Title: Library Anxiety


In this Information Era, there is a great demand for availability and access to a variety of information. Libraries play a vital role in ensuring timely, accurate information delivery to its seekers. With an exponential growth in the amount of published information, libraries are overflowing with a multitude of documents on the same topic. Myriad choices often cause confusion and anxiety among library users in document selection, thus leading to reduced foot flow, inefficient usage of libraries, etc...

In this colloquium, we will discuss the factors that cause Library Anxiety, the impact of Library Anxiety on libraries and its users, the impact of information overload/literacy on Library Anxiety, measuring Library Anxiety, overcoming it and a Case Study.

Topics and speakers:

Introduction                                                                                        E Sweta

Causes and Factors                                                                             Sanya Aggarwal

Effect of Information Overload/Literacy on Library Anxiety            Mayurakshi

Measuring Library Anxiety                                                                Mayurakshi

Overcoming Library Anxiety                                                             Prashant Kumar

Case Study                                                                                          Supriya Rajak

Impact and Conclusion                                                                       Prince FO


Coordinator: Dr. Biswanath Dutta

Date: 19/04/22

Time: 2 pm

Venue: DRTC Class Room (G-16), ISI Bangalore.