Seminar 1

Documentation Research & Training Centre


Indian Statistical Institute

8th Mile, Mysore Rd, RVCE Post

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560059


1st Seminar Topic :

“Understanding Plagiarism”


Presentation by:  Anuj Dev, 2nd Year MSLIS




Plagiarism is an unethical practice of stealing someone's work which includes ideas, thoughts or results without proper acknowledgement, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In today's world, there is a huge development in information technology in terms of generation and retrieval. Everyone can get lots of information at their fingertips through powerful search engines, and they may produce plagiarised work. Hence, Plagiarism has become a very serious problem, not only in research but also in different fields like Journalism or Literature. There are several methods to prevent and detect plagiarism which can be software-based or technique-based.


This Presentation deals with different types of Plagiarism and how it is relates to Similarity checks, and what kind of software is put in use to detect it. It also briefs about the technicality involved in the software and what we can do to avoid it while producing original work.



Date:  01-09-2022

Time:  2 p.m

Co-ordinator: Dr Biswanath Dutta.

Venue: DRTC Class Room, ISI Bangalore