Seminar 13

TitleDesigning The Architecture For Information Environment

Speaker: V Bhuvaneshwari


 If one wants to build a great house, the person to call is an architect. We all know this, but architecture applies not only to traditional buildings but also to the information environment. Built on the foundation of Library Science and cognitive psychology, Information architecture (IA) is a discipline that focuses on the organisation of information within digital products.

The Internet and the widespread usage of the World Wide Web through computer networks, in particular, have accelerated the rate at which information is published. We now have access to enormous volumes of data, and more data is being added every day. Keeping everything organised and simple to discover sounds overwhelming, if not impossible, given the amount of information available and the speed at which it is being produced. IA plays a crucial role in managing these increasingly complex information landscapes, some of which need reorganisation from the ground up.

This seminar explores the concept of IA, its importance, how to build it and the principles guiding the process.  It will be followed by a small peek into the common misconceptions people make about IA and the relevance of IA to librarians.

Coordinator: Dr. Biswanath Dutta

Date: 04-11-2022 (Friday)

Time: 3.30 p.m.

Venue: DRTC Class Room (G-16), ISI Bangalore. 

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