Seminar 06

Seminar-06 (2022-2024)

Title The Art and Science of Organizing: Unveiling the Power of Taxonomy 

Coordinator: Dr. Biswanath Dutta

Speaker: Subhayan Chakraborty


Organizing our environment is the ultimate life strategy – transforming disorder into order, making each day effortless. It involves the skills and knowledge of grouping similar items together and maintaining order by allocating distinct spaces for diverse elements.

Taxonomy aids in organizing information in a modern approach. From one perspective, the taxonomy task involving entities' naming and arrangement can be seen as an age-old craft. Alternatively, it can be viewed as a distinctly contemporary undertaking, evolving with increased complexity as organizations and human societies embrace higher information intensity.

This seminar explores four basic questions regarding Taxonomy, i.e., What is Taxonomy as a whole, why do we need Taxonomies, how it can be implemented in modern information organization and retrieval, and who can potentially play roles as Taxonomists?

Date: 12/10/2023 (Thursday)

Time: 2 p.m.

Venue: DRTC Class Room (G-16), ISI Bangalore

All are cordially invited

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